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Hanalytics is an artificial intelligent company that specialises in exploiting advanced machine learning technologies to uncover insights, assist doctors in diagnosis and to create predictive personalised applications in the healthcare sector. Our customers include various commercial entities and hospitals globally.

Who we work with


MOHH and IDA are important driving forces in identifying and adopting emerging IT technologies to improve lives and productivity, with MOHH focusing on healthcare.

In a local hackathon organised by IDA and MOHH, our innovative and disruptive vision for the healthcare industry was carefully selected from a stiff competition of about twenty teams for further development. Since then, we have received ample support to advance our mission for the benefit of the healthcare industry.

The BII focuses on theoretical approaches aimed at understanding biomolecular mechanisms.

We have jointly developed state-of-the-art image segmentation technology using Convolution Neural Network (CNN) for identifying Regions of Interest (ROI) in medical images to reduce manual efforts required, hence boosting productivity.  

The National Heart Centre (NHC) is a national and regional referral centre for cardiovascular diseases and is dedicated to providing optimal care.

We are working with NHC to improve treatment administration.

With 9 polyclinics under its administration, SHP is one of the largest healthcare providers in Singapore.

Together with SHP, we are exploiting data analytics on patients’ data to improve monitoring of their conditions for better treatment administration.

Inspire, founded by veterans in the insurance industry, seeks to revolutionise the industry with advanced artificial intelligence technologies.
Currently, we are engaged in a joint partnership to exploit deep learning techniques to improve productivity for insurers and bring greater convenience to consumers.

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Making a name


Viki Challenge


1st Prize out of 130 competitors in the Rakuten-Viki TV recommendation competition

Unilever Challenge


Overall champion out of 50 teams in the Unilever Overall Opinion Score Challenge

ACM RecSys Challenge


1 of 17 teams accepted for workshop presentation in ACM RecSys Challenge out of 850 competitors

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